DTN IQFeed® Symbol Guide

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	The IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) has announced that it will end pit session
trading at the end of February 2008, as trading for futures contracts is
primarily electronic.  The futures contracts that will transition to fully
electronic markets will be coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton, orange juice, equity
indexes and currencies.  Pit session trading for all options on futures
contracts will continue.  Options of futures contracts at ICE Futures U.S.
have not yet begun trading electronically, and a timeline for the introduction
of electronic options will be provided in the near future.
The contract symbols that will be affected are listed below.

SM U.S.$/BRITISH POUND   Currency       MP         @MP
US DOLLAR/CZECH          Currency       UZ         @VC
STERLING/AUSTRALIAN $    Currency       QA         @QA
US DOLLAR INDEX          Currency       DX         @DX
SOUTH AFRICAN RAND       Currency       ZR         @ZR
SWISS FRANC-JAPANESE YEN Currency       ZY         @ZY
SWEDISH KRONA/YEN        Currency       KJ         @KJ
US$-BRAZIL REAL          Currency       UB         @BX
STERLING/SWEDISH KRONA   Currency       PS         @PS
US DOLLAR/HUNGARY        Currency       UF         @VU
STERLING/CANADA DOLLAR   Currency       PC         @PC
STERLING/SA RAND         Currency       PZ         @PZ
STERLING/NORWAY KRONE    Currency       PK         @PK
SMALL U.S. $/SWISS FRANC Currency       MF         @MF
SMALL U.S. $/JAPANESE YENCurrency       SN         @SN
SMALL U.S. $/CANADIAN $  Currency       SV         @SV
BRITISH PD- J YEN        Currency       PY         @PY
AUSTRALIAN $/US          Currency       AG         @AU
AUSTRALIAN $/NZ $        Currency       AR         @AR
AUSTRALIAN $/JAPANESE YENCurrency       YA         @YA
AUSTRALIAN $/CANADIAN $  Currency       AS         @AS
EURO/SOUTH AFRICAN RAND  Currency       YZ         @YZ
NEW ZEALAND $/US         Currency       ZX         @ZX
NEW ZEALAND DOLLAR/YEN   Currency       ZJ         @ZJ
STERLING/NEW ZLD DOLLAR  Currency       GN         @GN
NOR KRONE/SWEDISH KR     Currency       NJ         @NJ
NORWAY KRONE/YEN         Currency       KY         @KY
EURO/HUNGARY             Currency       HR         @HRE
EURO/CZECH               Currency       EZN        @EZ
EURO/AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR   Currency       UA         @RAD
SWEDISH KRONA            Currency       KU         @KXD
BRITISH POUND/SWISS FRANCCurrency       BF         @BF
CANADIAN $/JAPANESE YEN  Currency       HY         @HY
EURO-SWISS FRANC         Currency       RZ         @RZ
EURO - US DOLLAR         Currency       EO         @EO
EURO-BRITISH POUND       Currency       GB         @GB
EURO-SWEDISH KRONA       Currency       RK         @RK
EURO-CANADIAN DOLLAR     Currency       EP         @EP
EURO-JAPANESE YEN        Currency       EJ         @EY
CONTINUOUS COMMODITY IDX Equity         CI         @CI
EURO INDEX               Equity         E          @E
RUSSELL 2000             Equity         TO         @TO
RUSSELL 1000             Equity         R          @R
PULP                     Other Ag       P          @P
COFFEE                   Softs          KC         @KC
COCOA                    Softs          CC         @CC
COTTON #2                Softs          CT         @CT
SUGAR #14                Softs          SE         @SE
SUGAR #11                Softs          SB         @SB
ORANGE JUICE             Softs          OJ         @OJ
MINI COFFEE              Softs          MK         N/A
SMALL AUSSIE$/US$        Currency       KA         N/A
SWISS FRANC              Currency       YF         N/A
BRITISH POUND            Currency       YP         N/A
US$-COLOMBIA PESO        Currency       CU         N/A
NORWEGIAN KRONE          Currency       NS         N/A
SMALL STERLING/YEN       Currency       YS         N/A
JAPANESE YEN             Currency       YY         N/A
ORANGE JUICE DIFF        Softs          OD         N/A
ORANGE JUICE B           Softs          OB         N/A
ORANGE JUICE "NFC"       Softs          ON         N/A
CANADIAN $ - US$         Currency       YD         N/A
ETHANOL                  Energy         XA         N/A
SMALL NEWZEALAND$/US$    Currency       ZA         N/A
EURO - LARGE             Currency       ZZ         N/A