Symbol Formats: Stocks

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Stock symbols range in length from 1 to 5 characters, and can be further broken down by exchange. There are many types of stocks, ranging from common to preferred, and with different classes.

For OTC Markets/PinkSheets Quotation service (Premium Service), you must enter the symbol as SYMBOL.PK. This symbol will contain only the PinkSheet real time Quote data while entering the underlying stock symbol without the .PK will contain the trade information.

Class A StockA
Class B StockB
Exempt from NASDAQ listing qualifications for a limited periodC
New issue of the base stock (i.e. result of a split)D
Delinquent in required filings with SECE
Convertible bond of base companyG
2nd convertibleH
3rd convertibleI
Voting shareJ
Non-voting shareK
4th preferred of base companyM
3rd preferred of base companyN
2nd preferred of base companyO
1st preferred of base companyP
In bankruptcyQ
Shares of beneficial interestS
With warrants or rightsT
When issued and when distributedV
ADR - American Depositary ReceiptY
Miscellaneous situationsZ